Mark 11:27-33 Jesus Authority Is Questioned.

Mark 11:27-33 Jesus Authority Is Questioned.

Jesus reentry into Jerusalem and the temple led the chief priest, the scribes, and the elders to question him on where he presumed he had the authority to be doing what he was doing. However, before he would answer their question, they would need to answer his question which regarded their whole relationship to the authority. Their answer showed that they really had no respect for the same authority by which John had acted. They really believed that John only acted on his own. However, where they should have opposed him for not acting on divine authority, instead they feared the people. It is also clear that they believed that Jesus was also just acting on his own. But they no doubt feared the people who believed he was a prophet at the very least, just like John. These religious leaders were apostates who had rejected the authority of God’s word, the word which testified to the coming and activity of both John and Jesus. As Jesus will point out in the next parable, they were really wicked vinedressers, occupying their positions only so they might pillage the people whom they kept in the dark (Mt. 21:23-27; Lk. 20:1-8).

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