Mark 11:1-11 The Triumphal Entry.

Mark 11:1-11 The Triumphal Entry.

As Jesus enters Jerusalem the predictions concerning his future begin to take shape (v. 1 Cf. Mt. 21:1-9; Lk. 19:28-40). It is clear from this entry that many believed that he was indeed the Son of David, come to restore the kingdom, but just how he would accomplish this was not clear to most (vv. 9-10; Pss. 118:25-26; 148:1). Jesus was regarded as the Blessed One, coming in the name of the LORD, and the Lord. However, he does not enter with an army with chariots and horses, but on a humble colt, even as Jesus had predicted and commanded (vv. 2-7). The disciples threw their clothes on the colt before Jesus mounted it, but others threw their clothes on the ground as he entered the city, while they cried out the words of scripture fulfilled. This entry would take him all the way to the temple that he entered, but due to the late hour, he and the twelve retired to Bethany. So begins the work he had predicted.

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