Mark 10:13-16 Blessed Children Of The Kingdom Of God.

Mark 10:13-16 Blessed Children Of The Kingdom Of God.

The blessing of little children here, reiterates the point Jesus made when the disciples were disputing among themselves as to who among them might be the greatest (9:33-37). To be blessed by Jesus was certainly more than the often flippant way we regard being blessed. The blessing of Jesus was here associated with those who receive the kingdom. It was the blessedness of the covenant. As was noted in the previous passage, these were infants who are described as being of the kingdom of God, but not yet old enough to make confession themselves. They had been brought to Jesus, likely by their parents. A little one knows their utter dependency on another for their very life, and on this one they trust. This is what is required to be a citizen of the kingdom of God – knowing one’s total dependence upon the Lord, and trusting solely in him. We are all children of the kingdom not through our own efforts, but because we have been touched by the Lord.

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