Mark 8:22-26 Looking Up.

Mark 8:22-26 Looking Up.

A blind man was brought to Jesus for healing, in Bethsaida where Philip, Andrew, and Peter were from (v. 22). Jesus took the man outside the city, because he didn’t want the publicity at this time (v. 23a, 26 Cf. 5:43; 7:36). It is interesting that the man was not healed immediately, either by a word from Jesus or his touch. The man was healed in stages. Jesus spit on the man’s eyes, and put his hands on him, and then “asked him if he saw anything” (v. 23b). At this stage the man only saw “men like trees, walking” (v. 24). When Jesus put his hands on the man again “he was restored and saw everyone clearly” (v. 25b). We know that Jesus could have healed the man immediately, even without a touch or word. The process took time because of the man. Evidently the man had faith, but it was weak. The man needed a touch and word from Jesus, and some initial indication that he could make a difference, before he finally was touched by Jesus again “and made him look up” (v. 25a). Some people need coaxing with their faith. Some need to be made to look up, something only God himself can do.

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