Mark 7:31-37 A Man Is Able To Hear And Speak.

Mark 7:31-37 A Man Is Able To Hear And Speak.

Jesus and his disciples continued to travel north deeper into Gentile territory – “to the Sea of Galilee” (v. 31). A man was brought who was both deaf, and had “an impediment in his speech, and they begged Him to put his hand on him” (v. 32). A man who couldn’t hear and couldn’t speak for any to understand, is restored like all who are given new life – able to hear, and to speak of the healing by Jesus (vv. 33-35). Jesus told everyone to keep quiet, but no one was ever able to open someone’s ears or loose their tongues to speak (vv. 36-37). The deaf cannot speak, in any way to be understood, without long hours of training, and even then their “impediment” remains. To be able to speak immediately would require a miracle, every bit as much as hearing.

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