Mark 6:45-52 Solitary Prayer And The Lord Of Creation.

Mark 6:45-52 Solitary Prayer And The Lord Of Creation.

The focus on this passage if more often than not on the dramatic act of Jesus walking on water (vv. 47-48). However, given who he was as the second person of the trinity, and empowered by the Spirit, it is surely not something one would regard as being impossible, especially given the biblical history. The same God who parted the sea in the deliverance of his people from Egypt, can certainly walk on water. However, what should strike us about this passage, is how much Jesus depended on prayer in his life and work. It was needful for him to be alone with the Father, and so he sent his disciples ahead of his own departure, and also sent the crowds away as (vv. 45-46).

Nevertheless, it was an occasion for them to understand his power over creation. They supposed him to be a ghost, and cried out, but then they were troubled, because Jesus was real – the very same man they thought they had left behind on land (vv. 49-50a). Talking to them he cheered them on and told them not to be afraid (v. 50b). A second thing out of the ordinary occurred when the sea calmed down after Jesus entered the boat. Mark makes the point that the disciples had still not understood how the loaves and fishes had been multiplied. The one they followed as Lord was sovereign over the created order – whether a stormy sea or multiplying food and water.

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