Mark 6:14-29 John The Baptist’s Death Is Recalled.

Mark 6:14-29 John The Baptist’s Death Is Recalled.

Mark uses the occasion of Jesus growing popularity to recall the death of John the Baptist, and how King Herod believed that he had risen from the dead to resume his preaching ministry (vv. 14, 16). Still others suggested Elijah or one of the prophets had perhaps risen (v. 15). Evidently, many had no trouble believing in resurrections. It was an explanation to Herod for the power that was being exercised. Herod surely must have been gripped with fear, since he had John the Baptist beheaded after sending him to prison, all because John called out the sin of adultery on Herod and Herodias, his brother Philip’s wife (vv. 17-18). For this the latter wanted John killed (v. 19).

Herod had feared John because he knew he was “a just and holy man” (v. 20). However, he ultimately granted the wishes of Herodias’ daughter, who had conspired with her mother to ask for John’s head (vv. 21-22; 24-25). So foolish was the daughter also, for she could have had half his kingdom (v. 23). Herod had made a foolish vow – to the point of murdering an innocent man (vv. 26-28). John’s disciples honoured him by laying his corpse in a tomb (v. 29). They murdered John all because they were too proud and arrogant to admit of their sin of adultery, and Herod compounded his sin with a foolish oath he would suffer for to all eternity.

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