Mark 3:7-35 The Kingdom Come.

Mark 3:7-35 The Kingdom Come.

Jesus, with his disciples, returned to the sea (vv. 7-8). Here he had the disciples have a boat ready in case the crowds “should crush him” (v. 9). People came from all over the area because they heard what he was doing. He healed many by them simply touching him, hence why they were pressing against him, and the unclean spirits cried out that he was the Son of God (vv. 10-11). However, the time was not ripe for this knowledge to be widely known (v. 12), for his public ministry had just begun. To this end he needed helpers, and so he removed himself from the crowds to go up the mountain, and took with him twelve whom he had chosen to be his apostles whom he would send out to preach (vv. 13-14), “and to have power to heal sicknesses and to cast out demons” (v. 15).

Mark starts with Simon, whom Jesus named Peter (v. 16), and ends with “Judas Iscariot, who also betrayed Him. And they went into a house” (v. 19). Once again the crowds gathered around them, “so that they could not so much as eat bread” (v. 20). Now there were twelve who had been given authority to heal and cast out evil spirits, in the name of Jesus. His own family were concerned about him and thought that he was “out of his mind” (v. 21). However, the apostate religious leadership went further, and accused him of being demon possessed (v. 22). To this Jesus made the obvious argument that it would be illogical for Satan to destroy his own rule in the lives of men by casting out his workers – this would be dividing his kingdom (vv. 23-24).

Christ’s kingdom which was coming to defeat Satan’s, to which the deliverances were a testimony, even from the evil spirits themselves. Jesus had bound the strong man, and was taking people from his hold on them (vv. 25-27). To say that Jesus was casting out demons by the power of Satan, was to call the Holy Spirit evil, the unpardonable sin (vv. 28-30). Returning to his own family, Mark notes that even the crowds were telling Jesus that his family wanted to see him (vv. 31-32). However, this afforded the opportunity to say that any who would do the will of God were his family members, and God’s will here was to hear the Son of God preach the gospel of the kingdom, and to witness the binding of Satan and the destruction of his kingdom (vv. 33-35).

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