Mark 2:18-22 The Bridegroom Has Come.

Mark 2:18-22 The Bridegroom Has Come.

People fast when they have a great need to have God’s help in their lives, and that of others. By including John’s disciples here, it seems clear that they were looking for the one that John was preparing the way for (v. 18). At this early stage in Jesus ministry, there would have been those of John’s disciples who had not recognized Jesus as the promised Christ. Jesus was therefore ahead of them – he had arrived as the promised Messiah, and his friends were celebrating his advent (v. 19). There would be a time of mourning to come, when Jesus would go to the cross (v. 20). A new thing was taking place – fulfillment of old covenant promises in the new covenant anointed One (vv. 21-22). Like a bridegroom and bride, who leave father and mother to be united together, even so does this bridegroom call his people to a new and living way.

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