Mark 1:40-45 Fulfilling The Law – Proclaiming The Gospel.

Mark 1:40-45 Fulfilling The Law – Proclaiming The Gospel.

It is interesting that the leper here knew Jesus could heal him, but his imploring and kneeling down pleading, was because he didn’t know whether Jesus was willing (v. 40). There are many things that God can do, but he is not always willing, in favour of a different purpose. In the case of this leper, Jesus was moved with compassion, so that he was immediately healed (vv. 41-42). Jesus told the man not to speak to anyone until he went to his priest and fulfilled the law of Moses (v. 43), by offering for his cleansing “those things which Moses commanded, as a testimony to them” (v. 44). At the beginning of his ministry two things were important here – fulfilling and keeping the law, and testifying first in the context of the covenant people. However, so prolific was the leper’s proclamations that “Jesus could no longer openly enter the city,” so that the people had to go out to him in the deserted places (v. 45). The core message of salvation in Jesus, is still lost on many in the cacophony of other concerns which people have with Jesus. One still must separate from the crowds with all their different looks of Jesus, to get at what is of first importance – the gospel of the kingdom.

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