Mark 1:29-39 Prayer, Preaching, And Acts Of Compassion.

Mark 1:29-39 Prayer, Preaching, And Acts Of Compassion.

Jesus came to Simon’s house and healed his mother-in-law, and equally surprising was the fact that she then served them. One wonders if something more than physical healing took place here (vv. 29-31). Jesus then continued on, to heal people of both physical and spiritual suffering, but he did not let the demons who were cast out to speak, because the time was not right (vv. 32-34). Jesus then rose early in the morning and “went out and departed to a solitary place; and there he prayed” (v. 35). Simon, and those with him, didn’t understand why Jesus went solitary when so many were looking for him. It is a fitting example of the crowds seeking what they needed from Jesus, but Jesus showing in his own life, what was even more important than healing – seeking communion with the Father (vv. 36-37). Jesus was given a mission of preaching the gospel far and wide, this is what he and his disciples needed to be doing (v. 38). Jesus combined the word preached with acts of compassion, as he still at this point continued to minister in the synagogues (v. 39). We also need to combine acts of compassion with our preaching ministry, beginning with prayer.

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