Genesis 37:1-11 Joseph’s Dream.

Genesis 37:1-11 Joseph’s Dream.

It is of interest that what follows concerning the life of Joseph, Moses calls “the history of Jacob.” Joseph was Jacob’s favoured son, he and Benjamin being also the sons of Rachel. The bad report concerns the sons from Leah, so there is this history involved between them all (vv. 1-2). Joseph was also favoured, because he was born in his old age (v. 3). For these reasons his brothers hated him (v. 4). Added to this was the dream he had with respect to them and his parents. Rachel named him Joseph because he was her firstborn, and as his name means ‘He will add’ she said, “The LORD shall add to me another son” (30:24). Was she looking beyond Joseph, or did she have a previous miscarriage? Scripture does not say. What was clear, was this dream – that his family would be among those over whom he would reign (vv. 5-10). “And his brothers envied him, but his father kept the matter in mind.

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