Mark 1:21-28 Jesus Became Famous.

Mark 1:21-28 Jesus Became Famous.

It seems to be no stretch to say that the fundamental issue in one’s worldview is that of authority. Everyone has their presuppositions, and the axioms upon which people construct their view of life and the world, ultimately rests on where one places their authority. Jesus was unlike the Scribes, all men refer to some authority, but Jesus was self-referential (v. 22). Jesus was functioning, on the Sabbath, in the most fitting place for him to be – the synagogue (v. 21). The word preached had power, and that power was and is evident in act and deed. Unclean spirits, operating at that inner spiritual fundamental level, have more sense than many people. There is a fundamentally raw character to this spiritual conflict – the battle lines get drawn. The unclean spirits want to be left alone to do their deceptive work, but Jesus will have nothing of it (vv. 23-24). Jesus comes to people and says to the inner demons – ‘Shut up, and leave my friend alone’ (v. 25)! His work also has a convulsive physical effect (v. 26). People cannot but help to recognize the evidence of Jesus’ authority, in word and deed (v. 27). At this time, Jesus becomes famous (v. 28).

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