Jeremiah 18:18-23 No Atonement For Rejecting The Word.

Jeremiah 18:18-23 No Atonement For Rejecting The Word.

The apostates of the nation endeavoured to regard Jeremiah as a false prophet, that there would continue to be priests who would administer the law, counsel from the wise, and ultimately a word from the LORD through the prophets, but it all must be favourable to the dictates of their own evil hearts. Their chief weapon would be their words, bearing false witness against Jeremiah. They were determined not to heed the word through Jeremiah (v. 18). Jeremiah prays for the LORD to help him in light of this situation (v. 19). Jeremiah actually recounts how he had pleaded for these people before the LORD, to avert his wrath, making the evil they were devising against him all the more bitter (v. 20). Therefore, Jeremiah pleads for the LORD to bring the nations against them as the LORD had promised (v. 21). The apostates had dug a pit for Jeremiah, so to speak, a bearing of false witness against him, but Jeremiah pleads for the LORD’s judgment to come, in part based of his witness against them – confirming the LORD’s judgment (v. 22). Atonement would have been the only possible escape for them, so that Jeremiah prays that it be withheld from them (v. 23).

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