Jeremiah 17:14-18 Hope In The Midst Of Doom.

Jeremiah 17:14-18 Hope In The Midst Of Doom.

Healing and salvation come from the LORD alone, to all who make Him their praise (v. 14). Despite all that Jeremiah had written and spoke, that they saw and heard, the apostates nevertheless mock by asking for more of the word – demanding that it come at their command (v. 15)! Jeremiah had no desire for the woeful day, he simply wrote and preached what was given to him, which the LORD knew full well (v. 16). Jeremiah confessed the LORD as his hope in the midst of the doom (v. 17). The apostates, who persecuted the LORD’s servant, would be ashamed, dismayed, and ultimately destroyed with the double destruction of body and soul forever, while Jeremiah’s faith was anchored to the hope he found in the word of the LORD (v. 18).

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