Jeremiah 13:12-27 Pride Precedes Captivity.

Jeremiah 13:12-27 Pride Precedes Captivity.

Jeremiah is told to give another symbol – wine bottles filled by the people and the leadership, signifying that the LORD would bring a spiritual drunkenness upon the people and the sources and teachers of word and sacrament. In their drunkenness they would oppose each other, even within a family – fathers against sons and vice versa. There would be no pity, but only destruction (vv. 12-14). This was all because of their sinful pride (v. 15). However, there yet remained a call from Jeremiah for repentance – a looking for light for those seeking the glory of the LORD (v. 16). If they would not listen to him, they were destined to be taken captive (v. 17). It had to start at the top, with the humbling of the monarchy, the covenantal head of the nation (v. 18). The people also ought to humble themselves for becoming slaves to these other nations through worshipping their idols (vv. 19-21). They were guilty of spiritual adultery, and they could no more change their spiritual condition on their own, then a leopard had the power to change its spots (vv. 22-23). Therefore, in shame, since they had forgotten the LORD and trusted in falsehoods, they would be scattered into the wilderness (vv. 24-26). The people needed to repent and be cleaned by the LORD, and no longer continue to follow the dictates of their evil hearts (v. 27).

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