Jeremiah 11:18-23 Jeremiah Is Vindicated.

Jeremiah 11:18-23 Jeremiah Is Vindicated.

The LORD had shown Jeremiah the actions of the people which either he had not seen before, and it was revealed to him, or the LORD simply reinforced the cause of judgment that was to follow (v. 18). However, Jeremiah did learn one thing that he perhaps had inklings of, but was now confirmed by the LORD, that some evildoers from his town of Anathoth, would be after his life for preaching the word (v. 19, 21 Cf. 1:1; 12:5-6; 18:18; Ps. 27:13; 83:4-5). Therefore, Jeremiah is quite willing to entrust any judgment on his life to the only one who mattered – the LORD who tests hearts and minds. He had revealed his cause to the LORD and was fully prepared to leave room for the LORD to take vengeance on his enemies – he would not do this himself. This is the trust that is part of what is involved in having faith (v. 20 Cf. 15:15). In his vengeance, the LORD would cause the young men to die by the sword, even as this was how they lived, and the daughters would die from famine (v. 22 Cf. 9:21). Of these evil apostates there would be no remnant, but the LORD would make a complete end of them – this would be “the year of their punishment” (v. 23 Cf. 23:12).

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