Acts 26:24-32 Paul Defends His Case.

Acts 26:24-32 Paul Defends His Case.

Based on Paul’s testimony Festus told Paul that all his learning had driven him mad, to which Paul replied that his defence was one of truth and reason (vv. 24-25). Paul then went over or around Festus to king Agrippa himself, and he appealed to Agrippa’s knowledge of the Christian way, with Agrippa actually suggesting that Paul wanted to see him converted, which was in fact the case (vv. 26-28). Paul desired that all who were within sound of his words would also believe, but not suffer being in chains for this belief (v. 29). After all this discussion Agrippa was of the opinion that Paul could have been released as free of all charges, but it is not clear that Festus believed this, but he would have to accept the king’s decision. However, because Paul appealed to Caesar, to Caesar he would go (vv. 30-32).

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