Jeremiah 8 Covetousness Leads To No Peace Or Profit.

Jeremiah 8 Covetousness Leads To No Peace Or Profit.

A part of the people’s paganism will evidence itself as they bring out the bones of leaders in the past, but past people of faith cannot help those who are spiritually dead in the present. The irony is that they will only be given death, and not life (vv. 1-3). This was a backsliding people who refused to repent of their sin, preferring deceit, and running their own course (vv. 4-6). Birds had a better sense of their situations than the people did theirs – namely judgment. They claimed to be wise and to follow the law of the LORD (v. 8), but this was false, as even the so-called wise “rejected the word of the LORD; so what wisdom do they have?” (v. 9) As a result they would lose everything of value to them, since their chief sin was covetousness leading to falsehood, including prophet and priest (v. 10).

The prophets and priests preached peace when there was no peace, knowing no shame, they would fall with the people (vv. 11-12). Since they did not bear the fruit of righteousness, the LORD would take away the fruits of harvest. This ought to lead them to sit in silence and reflect on the bitterness of their condition (vv. 13-14). Instead of peace and health they would have trouble from enemies coming upon them to devour the land (vv. 15-17). Jeremiah does mourn, and longs for the relationship with their covenant LORD to be restored to favour (vv. 18-19, 21). However, the LORD asks him why the people have given themselves to idolatry, and then expect him to favour them with a fruitful harvest (v. 20). Nevertheless, Jeremiah pleads for a recovery (v. 22).

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