Jeremiah 4:19-31 Judgment Coming, But Not A Complete End.

Jeremiah 4:19-31 Judgment Coming, But Not A Complete End.

Jeremiah is disturbed to his core, his heart, at the judgment approaching, a war – he must speak (v. 19 Cf. 20:9)! The trumpet is blown, and plunder and destruction is coming (vv. 20-21 Cf. 10:20). Rather than being adults in their knowledge and innocent as a babe in their conduct (I Cor. 14:20), they were like silly foolish children in their conduct, “but to do good they have no knowledge” (v. 22 Cf. 9:1-3; 13:23). When judgment comes, it is as though creation is reversed (vv. 23-26 Cf. Jer. 9:10; 10:10; 12:4). The covenant blessings are reversed (Dt. 8:7-16). The land will become desolate, and the earth will mourn, but a remnant will remain, for the LORD “will not make a full end” (vv. 27-28 Cf. 5:10, 18; 30:11; 46:28). The LORD has spoken, he has purposed it and will not relent – God’s word roots out and pulls down, destroys and throws down, but he also builds and plants (1:10). The survivors are those who will flee the city to take refuge among the thickets and the rocks from the sound of war (v. 29). Women will run for their lives, so that their dress, ornaments, and make-up will not cover up their nakedness (v. 30 Cf. 22:22; Lam. 1:2). Those who give birth will do so among murderers (v. 31 Cf. Lam. 1:17).

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