Jeremiah 4 Judgment Comes, But Not A Full End.

Jeremiah 4 Judgment Comes, But Not A Full End.

Jeremiah once again issues a call to return, that only in doing so would Israel be secure (v. 1). A true turning involves swearing or taking an oath that the LORD is the only living God, “in truth, in judgment, and in righteousness” (v. 2a). Only then is there blessing, and only then do we truly glorify him (v. 2b). Thorns must be removed before one can plant, what is also referred to as being circumcised in heart (vv. 3-4). Meanwhile disaster was headed toward Judah, with a call to seek refuge in Zion (vv. 5-7). It was a time to be clothed with sackcloth, and to lament and wail, because of the anger of the LORD (v. 8). Political leaders will collapse to their core, as well as the religious leadership of priest and prophets (v. 9). The sword will reach to the heart (v. 10). A strong whirlwind of judgment will blow to plunder the sinful nation (vv. 11-13). They must go to the heart of their wickedness, the place of one’s innermost thoughts (v. 14).

Voices will rise against her, because she has rebelled against the LORD (vv. 15-17). Their actions flowed from the thoughts of their hearts (v. 18). The prophet’s heart cries out to his own soul, at the destruction coming (vv. 19-21). The foolish people were behaving like silly children with no understanding – they were wise in doing evil but ignorant of the good (v. 22). The judgment was so severe, it was as though the creation had been reversed (vv. 23-26). The LORD would cause the whole land to become desolate, but he would “not make a full end” (v. 27 Cf. 5:10, 18), as would be the case with some other nations (Cf. 30:11; 46:28). Thus, there would be a remnant that would remain, but all would flee from the cities to the thickets and the rocks (vv. 28-29). No amount of clothing, or cosmetics, or jewelry will be able to distract from the destruction to come (v. 30) The daughter of Zion would be like the anguish of a woman giving birth (31).

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