Isaiah 66 The LORD’s New House And Kingdom.

The LORD is building his house via his covenant, just as he indicated earlier to David (v. 1 Cf. II Sam. 7; I Chr. 17), made up of those who are “poor and of a contrite spirit,” who tremble at his word (v. 2). At the same time there will be judgment on the apostates who make of their sacrifices an abomination (v. 3). They will be subject to their own delusions and fears, because they did not heed his word (v. 4). The LORD will vindicate the remnant and repay the apostates who had cast them out (v. 5). This is part of that word coming from the LORD’s temple (v. 6). This would all occur in one day (vv. 7-8). The new Jerusalem would be born, and there would be rejoicing and consolation in her midst (vv. 9-11). The Gentiles will be included, with all their riches, peace will flow like a river, and they all shall be comforted (vv. 12-13). The flourishing and rejoicing of the remnant, and the indignation of his enemies will be seen by all (vv. 14-16).

Those set apart for idolatry, partaking of that which was unclean, shall be consumed (v. 17), for both their thoughts and the deeds which these brought forth (v. 18a). However, all nations will see the glory of the LORD (v. 18b). His people, in turn, would be sent out to declare his glory among the Gentiles (v. 19). These all shall be as “an offering to the LORD out of all nations,” with abundance they will come to his holy mountain, that is, to be holy servants in his kingdom, as clean vessels in his house (v. 20), some of them also serving as servants of word and sacrament (v. 21). The house and kingdom of the new heavens and the new earth will remain after the old is gone, and his people will worship him every Sabbath (vv. 22-23), even as they look at the dead corpses of the old covenant apostates, those who transgressed against the LORD (v. 24). “For behold, I create new heavens and new earth; and the former shall not be remembered or come to mind (65:17).

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