Isaiah 60 The Glory Of Zion.

The glory of the LORD is often best seen in the midst of utter darkness, never more brightly than when it rested on the Servant-Intercessor-Redeemer (vv. 1-2). To him the nations of the whole earth have come – his own sons and daughters from afar (vv. 3-4). Here the abundance of the sea that is brought to him is the wealth of the nations, including gold and incense (vv. 5-6). Clean offerings shall be made to Him, and the LORD’s glory will rest upon Him and His house (vv. 7-9, 13, 19-20). The place of His feet was an expression that “referred to the ark of the covenant (Ps. 132:7; I Chr. 28:2); later to the temple (Ezek. 43:7; and finally, to the whole world (66:1)” (NGSB p.1132). On those who were subjects of the LORD’s wrath, He would now have mercy, and the gates of this city shall be open to all to come and build it up (vv. 10-11, 14).

Whole nations, with their kings shall serve him, otherwise they will be utterly ruined (v. 12 Cf. Pss. 2; 110). His remnant, his house, the city of the LORD, Zion would then know their covenant LORD as their only Savior, Redeemer, and the Mighty One of Jacob (vv. 15-16). This house will flourish as never before, with officers and magistrates of peace and righteousness (v. 17). This is a complete salvation which shall surround them on every side, and nothing but praise can be the point of entry-a sovereign righteous planting of the LORD. The days of mourning and violence would end, for the LORD will enlighten all who enter (v. 21). The remnant will grow in number, “a little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation. I, the LORD, will hasten it in its time” (v. 22).

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