Isaiah 59 Truth, Justice, And Peace.

The LORD can act for the salvation of his people no matter how far they may have strayed, and no prayer so faint that he cannot hear (v. 1). What separates us from the LORD is our iniquities and sins, these hide us from him so that he will not hear (v. 2). In the case of Israel at this time, their hands were full of blood (their deeds), and their fingers did so meticulously to every detail (v. 3a). They spoke outright lies, and lowered their voices to mutter perversity, no doubt believing that no one, even the LORD, could hear. However, the LORD hears all things, and knows our thoughts whether uttered or not. He chooses not to respond to prayers uttered by those harbouring sin.

“No one calls for justice, nor does any plead for truth” (v. 4a). There is no justice not based on truth. Needless to say, any culture wherein the relativism of pluralism prevails cannot ultimately be a just society, since it rejects the concept of absolute truth. “They trust in empty words and speak lies; they conceive evil and bring forth iniquity” (v. 4b). Words are empty when devoid of truth, therefore those conceiving them speak nothing but lies, and from their hearts (a person’s core or true self), their actions follow. They hatch what may appear as a generic egg, but the evil they have laid is really a viper, woven like a spider’s web.

All who swallow their wicked conception die, “and from that which is crushed a viper breaks out” (v. 5). They imagine that they can clothe themselves with such a web of deceit, but their works betray what they have conceive in their hearts – “violence is in their hands” (v. 6). They don’t just stumble or shuffle into evil rather, they run to it – “they make haste to shed innocent blood” (v. 7a). Heart thoughts of iniquity give birth to paths of waste and destruction (v. 7b). They do not know peace, because “there is no justice in their ways,” and any who follow their crooked paths “shall not know peace” (v. 8).

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