Isaiah 57 Judgment And Renewal.

The righteous merciful are taken away from evil, but no one notices (vv. 1-2). Judgment will include the sons of idolaters who seek hidden knowledge from a sorceress (vv. 3-5). They made stones their idols, setting them up with their own sacrifices (vv. 6-7). They were engaged in immoral practices, breaking the covenant they had with the LORD and making one with evil (vv. 8-10). They took advantage of the LORD’s patience and forbearance, lying to him and not keeping him in their thoughts (v. 11). Works which they regarded as righteous will be exposed as evil, and when they cry out, they will realize how worthless are their idols and idolatry. However, those who put their trust in him will possess the land, and shall inherit his holy mountain (vv. 12-13 Cf. Mt. 5:5).

For some their judgment will be complete, but others who are of the remnant, will be contrite and humbled by this judgment, and for these the LORD would revive their spirits and their hearts, that is, it will radically go to the core of their beings (vv. 14-15 Cf. 61:1-3). The time would come when this division would be made between the covetous, and those who found contentment in the LORD, because the LORD would heal the remnant of their backsliding (vv. 16-18 Cf. 9:13; 45:15). The LORD is the one who will create in the remnant their words of confession, reflective of their changed hearts (v. 19a Cf. 51:16; 59:21; Heb. 13:15). Peace will come as a result of this healing, but the wicked will not find rest (vv. 19b-20). “‘There is no peace,’ says my God, ‘for the wicked’” (v. 21 Cf. 48:22).

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