Isaiah 56 Salvation For The Remnant, But Judgment On Apostacy.

The LORD through Isaiah just issued an invitation to abundant life. Here he reinforces the point that this call also goes out to the Gentiles. These are those who keep the law, but do so by resting from their own works, keeping the Sabbath unto the LORD (vv. 1-2 Cf. 46:13; 58:13). Anyone holding fast to the covenant is welcomed, and will receive a place and an everlasting name in the LORD’s house, a future better than physical sons and daughters (vv. 3-5 Cf. 14:1). However, any latter will also be joyful in the LORD’s house of prayer, and the worship of his people from all nations will be a pleasing sacrifice (vv. 6-7Cf. 2:2-3; 60:11). The remnant of Israel will be joined by a remnant from all nations, gathered together in one house. (v. 8 Cf. 11:12; 27:12; 54:7; 60:3-11; 66:18-21).

In contrast to this gathering of the remnant of the ransomed ones, the apostate leadership of Israel are charged with being like brute beasts-blind and ignorant. They were supposed to be watchman, but they were like dogs who don’t bark, preferring to sleep while the LORD’s people are unprotected (vv. 9-10). Such would be the charge which the Lord Jesus would lay against the apostate leadership of his day as well (Mt. 15:14; Lk. 6:39). Furthermore, they are greedy dogs, never having enough (v. 11a Ezek. 13:19). They were shepherds without understanding, walking in their own ways (v. 11bc). They gathered together to get drunk, believing that they would carry on the next day as usual, with their own idea of abundance (v. 12 Cf. 28:7). They were presumptuous (Cf. Ps. 10:6; Lk. 12:19).

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