Isaiah 49:8-13 The Servant Is A Covenant.

There would be an acceptable time and day of salvation when the Servant Messiah would be preserved “as a covenant to the people, to restore the earth, to cause them to inherit the desolate heritages” (v. 8 Cf. 42:6). Paul saw in this verse a promise of grace (II Cor. 6:1-2), and he made clear, in no uncertain terms, that this found fulfillment in his day (v. 3). The Servant, as a covenant for the people, would set the prisoners free, to see the light of day, and to feed from an abundance along the way (v. 9 Cf. 61:1-2a). In his mercy, the Servant would guide his people to shelter from the heat, and springs of water to sustain them (v. 10 Cf. 40:11; 48:17-21; Pss. 23:2; 121:6-8; Rev. 7:16). The way shall be made level and easy, as the people come from afar (vv. 11-12 Cf. 40:4; 43:5-7). In mercy He would comfort his people, and the whole of the created order would sing and rejoice. It must not be missed that this Servant would also “restore the earth” (v. 8 v. 13 Cf. 44:23).

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