Isaiah 49:1-7 The Servant Of The LORD-Part II

The coastlands are the entrance point for the nations, the peoples from afar, who are called to take heed (v. 1). The servant was called by the LORD from the womb, with his words cutting like a sword (v. 2). In these beginning verses the servant is Israel, through whom the LORD would be glorified (v. 3). They thought that their labour might be in vain, to bring people to the LORD, but their reward was with Him (v. 4). However, the Servant spoken of here was also an individual separate from Israel who would not only bring back Israel, but he would also be “as a light to the Gentiles,” that he should be the LORD’s “salvation to the ends of the earth” (v. 6). This would be the work of the chosen Redeemer, the Holy One whom many would despise, to whom nevertheless the rulers of the nations would arise and worship (v. 7). The “purpose of the Servant is to bring the gospel to the nations (Luke 2:32; Acts 13:47; 26:23). He fulfills the call of Abraham (Gen. 12:3; 22:18) and of Israel (Ex. 19:5, 6). Today the ascended Christ brings the gospel to the nations through his body, the church (Matt. 28:18-20; 1 Pet. 2:9, 10)” (NGSB. p.1112).

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