Isaiah 47 The Humiliation of Babylon.

Babylon, once employed as the LORD’s servant to bring punishment upon an apostate nation, would be the object of his vengeance (vv. 1-3). The remnant’s Redeemer is “the LORD of hosts is His name, the Holy One of Israel” (v. 4). Babylon would now “sit in silence, and go into darkness” (v. 5). The LORD had given his nation over to Babylon, but they showed them no mercy (v. 6). They were thus subject to a righteous and predictable judgment (v. 7). Those who exalt themselves as God and take comfort in their children and wealth will lose both (vv. 8-9). Their so-called wisdom and knowledge was warped, thinking that no one saw them. They trusted in their wickedness (v. 10). Ironically, they would not know when evil came upon them (v. 11). They trusted in sorcery, astrologers, stargazers and their prognostications  to no avail (vv. 12-13). A fire of judgment will consume them (vv. 14-15).

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