Isaiah 43:22-28 An Unfaithful Nation.

Even though the LORD committed Himself to His people as their Redeemer, Creator, and King, the vast majority of the nation seems to have not thought to call upon Him, or offer a sacrifice for their sins, or their thanks for the LORD and His acts and word-they regarded it all as useless (vv. 22-23 Cf. Mal. 1:13; 3:14). Therefore, their sins were a burden to the LORD, as were their outward sacrifices, and the ministers of the word had no sustenance (v. 24 Cf. Is. 1:14; Ps. 95:10; Amos 5:25; Mal. 2:17). All this was the case even though the LORD was the great ‘I am’ who blotted out their transgressions for His own sake, so that He remembered their sins no more (v. 25 Cf. 1:18; 44:22; Jer. 31:34; 50:20; Ezek. 36:22). Therefore, the LORD challenged them to present their ‘case’, that they might argue for an acquittal (Cf. Mic. 6:3). Clearly they were guilty of breaking the covenantal bond (v. 26), just as Adam their first father, and all the mediators who followed (v. 27). As a result, the ministers or princes of the sanctuary would be profaned with other duties, as Jacob and Israel experienced the curses of the covenantal bond (v. 28 Cf. Jer. 24:9; Dan. 9:11).

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