Isaiah 24 The LORD Of Hosts Will Reign.

Isaiah has a word concerning the judgment coming on the whole earth-all inhabitants will be scattered of all classes of people, both high and low, until it is “emptied and utterly plundered” (vv. 1-3 Cf. Ezek. 7:12-13; Hos. 4:9-10). The haughty will be brought low (v. 4 Cf. 25:11). All this is because its inhabitants “have transgressed the laws,” and “changed the ordinance,” breaking “the everlasting covenant” (v. 5 Cf. 9:17; 10:6; 59:12; Gen. 3:17; Nu. 35:33; I Chr. 16:16:14-19; Ps. 105:7-12). Therefore, as is the case when a covenant is broken, there is a curse, which in this case means that it “has devoured the earth,” while only a “few men are left” (v. 6 Cf. 9:16; Mal. 4:6). Merrymaking would cease, and confusion will reign, as the city lies desolate, and only a remnant remains (vv. 7-13 Cf. 5:12-14; 16:8-10; 17:5-6; 27:12; Jer. 7:34; 16:9; 25:10; Ezek. 26:13; Hos. 2:11; Joel 1:10-12; Rev. 18:22).

There would be a call to worship, but the prophet would mourn that the treacherous deal treacherously (vv. 14-16 Cf. 21:2; 33:1; Jer. 3:20; 5:11). “Fear and the pit and the snare” (v. 17 Cf. Jer. 48:43; Lam. 3:47; Amos 5:19), await the inhabitants of the earth-from fear to fall in a pit, only to escape and be caught in the snare (v. 18 Cf. 2:19-21; 13:13; Gen. 7:11; Ps. 18:7; 46:2). Violence will reign, and transgression shall be heavy upon the whole earth (vv. 19-20 Cf. 19:14; 24:1; 28:7; Jer. 4:23). The spiritual forces of evil in heaven, and the kings of the earth will be thrown into the pit or dungeon, and punished (vv. 21-22 Cf. Ps. 76:12). “Then the moon will be disgraced and the sun ashamed; For the LORD of hosts will reign on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem and before His elders, gloriously” (v. 23 Cf. v. 15; 13:10; 25:3; 60:19; Ezek. 32:7; Joel 2:31; 3:15; Mal. 1:11; Heb. 12:22; Rev. 19:4-6).

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