Isaiah 22:15-25 A Future King Is Coming.

The steward Shebna, comes under judgment, because of those who said “Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die” (v. 13). He thought of himself more highly than he ought, seeking to ensure that he would be remembered among the mighty (vv. 15-16 Cf. II Sam. 18:18; Mt. 27:60). He who was violent will be violently removed from his position over the Lord’s house (vv. 17-19 Cf. 2:7). Eliakim, the Lord’s servant, would become king, taking Shebna’s place, clothed with his robe and belt, to “be a father to the inhabitants” (vv. 20-21 Cf. II Kgs. 18:18). Nevertheless, Shebna would continue in his role as a scribe (37:3 Cf. II Kgs. 18:37).

Furthermore, these words with respect to Eliakim would also find their messianic fulfillment in the Son of God (vv. 22-23 Cf. Ezra 9:8). This is the same servant spoken of at 9:6. This is what Isaiah meant when he said he would be called ‘Everlasting Father’, not as his father, but speaking of his role and service. He would be a father over his father’s house (vv. 21, 24), with “the key of the house of David,” with which he would open and shut as he willed (v. 22 Cf. Rev. 3:7). His kingship and kingdom would be glorious, with an offspring and posterity inclusive of everyone in his house (vv. 23-24). Meanwhile, Eliakim would be the peg removed from the wall (v. 25).

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