Hosea 9 Israel Abandoned.

There was nothing for Israel to rejoice about (v. 1 Cf. 10:5; Is. 22:12-13; Jer. 44:17). They would suffer loss of land and produce (vv. 2-4a Cf. 7:16; 8:13; Lev. 25:23; Jer. 2:7; 6:20; Ezek. 4:13). No more sacrifices would be made (v. 4b Cf. Amos 5:22), as they would be taken away captive (vv. 5-7a Cf. 10:8; Is. 5:6; 7:23; 10:3; Jer. 10:15; Mic. 7:4; Lk. 21:22). The people considered “the prophet is a fool, the spiritual man is insane,” and as a result the iniquity and enmity of the nation was great (v. 7b Cf. Lam. 2:14; Ezek. 13:3, 10; Mic. 2:11). Leaders and people together were corrupt (vv. 8-9 Cf. 10:9; Jer. 6:17; 31:6; Ezek. 3:17; 33:7).

Instead of being the firstfruits of the LORD’s planting (Cf. Ps. 106:28; Is. 28:4; Jer. 2:2; Mic. 7:1), “they became an abomination like the thing they loved” (v. 10 Cf. Nu. 25:3). The largest of the tribes of the north, Ephraim, would see their glory disappear-“no birth, no pregnancy, and no conception” (v. 11). They would also be bereaved of the children they had, as the LORD departed from them (vv. 12-14, 16 Cf. 5:11; 7:3; Dt. 31:17; Ezek. 26-28; Lk. 23:29). They would be driven from the presence of the LORD because of their rebellion, left to be wanderers (vv. 15, 17 Cf. Lev. 26:33; II Kgs. 17:20; 4:15; 5:2; 12:11; Is. 1:23; Zech. 10:6).

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