Hosea 7:11-16 A Deceitful Bow.

Despite having a corrupt heart, exposed by the word of the prophet, Israel was like a silly bird just seeking some place to find refuge (v. 11), but like a bird they would be caught by a net (v. 12). They were destined for destruction for fleeing from the Most High, transgressing the law, and speaking lies about their covenant LORD. They may have spoken words to Him, along with their religious exercises, but their hearts were not with Him (v. 14). He sought to discipline them as His children, but in their hearts they devised evil against Him. Rather than repent from the heart, turning from their wicked ways, their words became words of cursing, as they bore false witness concerning the LORD (v. 15). They became like a bow that could not shoot straight, not to be trusted (v. 16).

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