Hosea 7:1-10 Heart Disease.

Just when it appeared that Israel might be healed, more sin is uncovered, that of fraud and robbery (v. 1 Cf. 5:1; Ezek. 23:4). Sinful humanity is very skilled in self-deception, not knowing what it is in our own hearts, things open before the LORD, wicked deeds (v. 2 Cf. 8:3; 9:9; Jer. 14:10; 17:1; Amos 8:7). These were deeds and lies that pleased their pagan political leaders, but were a breaking of God’s law (v. 3 Cf. Mic. 7:3; Rom. 1:32). Their hearts, their core itself, was corrupt, stoking their sin like a hot oven, devouring their judges who might have warned them from the word, of their critical condition, both people and leaders (vv. 4-7 Cf. Is. 64:7). “A royal celebration became an occasion for drunkenness, which in turn fuelled wickedness (1 Kin. 16:9, 10; Prov. 31:4, 5; Amos 6:5)” (NGSB. p. 1369). Ephraim broke covenant, and joined with pagans who drained them of their strength (vv. 8-9 Cf. 8:7; Ps. 106:35; Is. 1:7; 42:25). “Israel is compared to a useless half-baked cake because she refused to turn to the LORD” (Ibid. 1369). Pride kept them from true repentance (v. 10 Cf. 5:5; Is. 9:13).

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