Joel 2:18-27 Blessings In The Covenant.

If and when repentance was forthcoming, then the LORD would “be zealous for His land, and pity His people” (v. 18), bless them with “grain, new wine, and oil” (v. 19), and send the northern army away, because he had done “monstrous things” (v. 20). The land would no longer fear, nor the beasts of the field, for the land and trees would produce for all (vv. 21-22), the rains would come, and “the children of Zion” will rejoice in the LORD their God (v. 23). There will be wheat, wine, and oil in abundance (v. 24), as the years which the locusts of the LORD’s army had eaten would be restored (v. 25). They would “eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD” their God, and never be put to shame (v. 26). Then they would know the central core of the covenant, that the LORD was in their midst as the LORD their God, and they His people (v. 27).

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