Amos 6 The Day Of Doom.

There were those who were at ease, trusting in their own power, all the while that the judgment was coming. They imagined that the judgment that came upon the other nations would not touch them (vv. 1-2). However, they would not be able to put off the day of doom (v. 3). They actually were so at ease that they partied with wine and song, taking time to invent new musical instruments, instead of grieving over the sinful condition of the covenanted people (vv. 4-6). Those living in this luxury would be the first to go into captivity (v. 7). There could be no greater surety of what was coming, as “the Lord God has sworn by Himself” (v. 8a Cf. Gen. 22:16; Jer. 51:14; Amos 4:2; 8:7; Heb. 6:13-17). Jacob, Israel’s name before he wrestled with God, who then was named as ‘prince of God,’ Israel and Judah both would suffer (vv. 8b-11). In their pride they believed that they alone were to be credited for their victories (vv. 12-13). In judgment, the LORD would defeat them and send them into captivity through a nation the LORD Himself would raise up (v. 14). “6:8-14. A series of judgment pronouncements follows the indictments of vv. 1-7) (NGSB. p.1405).

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