Amos 5:16-27 The Day Of The LORD.

Along the highways, and in the vineyards, there will be mourning (vv. 16-17). Some were calling for the day of the LORD, when that day would only bring for them judgment (vv. 18-20). They were very religious, with their feasts and singing, but judgment was coming for the perversion of justice and righteousness (vv. 21-24 Cf. v. 7; Is. 5:7). This was a repeat of what had occurred in the forty years in the wilderness (v. 25), where they offered sacrifices they thought was to the god who delivered them, but it was only in service to idols (Dt. 32:17; Josh. 24:14; Neh. 9:18-21). It is this very thought and these very words which Stephen quoted when he spoke prophetically about the lawsuit coming upon the apostate Jewish leadership and their followers (Acts 7:42-43). For Amos’ audience’s idolatry they would be taken captive beyond Damascus, because the LORD of the covenant was to them “the God of hosts, who had come in judgment (vv. 26-27 Cf. 4:13; 7:11, 17; I Kgs. 11:33; II Kgs. 17:6; Mic. 4:10).

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