Amos 4:6-13 The Curses Of The Covenant.

When drought came, because of judgment, the covenant people still did not return to the LORD (vv. 6-8). What produce there was became subject to “blight and mildew” (v. 9). This was followed by a plague, and the sword (v. 10). Even when the LORD plucked some out of the fire, they still did not return to the LORD (v. 11). Now the stage was set, and Israel would be brought before the LORD’s court to hear their case (v. 12). He who made and governs the whole of creation also “declares to man what his thought is” (v. 13). This could be the LORD’s knowledge of the thoughts of men (Ps. 139:2), or His thoughts revealed and made known to men (Dan. 2:28), or both. The LORD was bringing judgment on their thoughts and actions. When once they met with the LORD when the covenant was renewed at Sinai (Ex. 19:15-17), now they would gather for judgment (Dt. 28:15ff. Cf. Is. 44:24-28).

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