Micah 6:1-8 An Invitation To Reason.

The whole of creation would bear witness to the LORD’s judgment of His covenanted people (vv. 1-2 Cf. Ps. 50:1-4; Is. 1:18; Hos. 12:2). He invites His people to testify against Him if they have a complaint (v. 3 Cf. Is. 5:4; Jer. 2:5; Is. 43:22-24; Mal. 1:13). He had delivered them, and provided them with leaders (v. 4 Cf. Dt. 4:20). The reader is encouraged to recall the activity of Balak and Balaam, plans which the LORD Himself frustrated-blessing instead of cursing (Cf. Nu. 22:5-6; 25:1; Josh. 2:1; 3:1; 24:9; Jgs. 5:11). “These verses (4-5) are framed by references to Egypt (from which Israel was delivered) and Gilgal (where Israel entered the Promised Land, Josh. 4:19). All God’s saving acts during Israel’s formative period are included: Passover and Exodus, guidance by the pillar of fire and cloud, miraculous provision of food and water, the provision of able leaders, and victory over enemies. God’s wonderful provision for His people during this period foreshadowed the church’s experience with Christ (John 6:33; I Cor. 5:7; 10:1-4)” (NGSB. p.1431). An abundance of religious exercises cannot make up for a failure to keep the LORD’s law concerning matters of justice and mercy, especially when those exorcises are contrary to His law (vv. 6-8 Cf. Gen. 18:19; Lev. 18:21; 20:1-5; Dt. 10:12; I Sam. 15:22-23; II Kgs. 16:3; Job 29:6; Ps. 50:9; Is. 1:11, 17; Jer. 7:31; Ezek. 23:37; Hos. 6:6; 12:6).

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