Micah 1:8-16 Mourning For Israel And Judah.

Micah’s previous message of judgment on the covenant community had the effect of causing the prophet to “wail and howl” in naked shame (vv. 8, 10-11), for the incurable wounds of Judah and Jerusalem (v. 9). As to the fall of Gath, “Micah’s lament over the fall of David’s house recalls Davis’s lament over the fall of Saul’s house under similar circumstances (2 Sam. 1:20)” (NGSB. p.1424). Beth Aphrah (lit. house of dust) was told to roll itself in the dust (v. 10). Shaphir (lit. Beautiful) was told to “pass by in naked shame” and “the inhabitant of Zaanan” (lit. Going out) would “not go out” (v. 11). Names here carry weight and significance.

Beth Ezel (lit. house of the side) has its place to stand taken away, Maroth (lit. bitterness) “pined (was sick) for good” (v. 12). The neighbouring city of Lachish is told to flee, since “she was the beginning of sin to the daughter of Zion (v. 13 Cf. Josh. 10:3; II Kgs. 14:19; 18:14; Is. 36:2), the houses of Achzib (lit. lie), are condemned to being “a lie to the kings of Israel” (v. 14), Mareshah (lit. inheritance) will receive an heir, and “the glory of Israel shall come to Adullam” (lit. refuge). Refuge is captivity, a place where the children of the covenant will go, a time when their parents should go bald (Cf. 4:10; II Kgs. 17:6; Job 1:20; Lam. 4:5; Amos 7:11, 17).

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