Malachi 4:1-6 The Day Of The Sun Of Righteousness.

This day is the day when “the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings” (v. 2). It is not the second coming of the Messiah, but His first coming. The gospel writers recorded that Elijah the prophet was John the Baptist, who appeared “before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD” (v. 5 Cf. Joel 2:31; Mt. 11:14; 17:10-13; Mk. 9:11-13; Lk. 1:17; Jn. 1:21). “And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse” (v. 6 Cf. Zech. 5:3; 14:12). There were two options within the covenant-blessing or cursing. The proud would be burned up in that day (v. 1 Cf. 3:2-3, 18; Ps. 21:9; Is. 5:24; Amos 2:9; Ob. 18; Nah. 1:5-6), but those who feared God would have an abundance (v. 2 Cf. 3:16; Acts 10:43; II Cor. 4:6; Eph. 5:14). The remnant, those who feared God, would also trample the wicked under their feet in this day (v. 3 Cf. Mic. 7:10; Rom. 16:20). Their duty would be to “remember the Law of Moses,” the LORD’s servant, including “the statutes and judgments” (v. 4 Cf. Ex. 20-23).

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