Zechariah 10 The Remnant Is Restored.

When the LORD’s remnant ask for rain, now they will receive it and prosper, because it would be a time of covenantal blessing (v. 1 Cf. Ch. 9). Previously many had turned to idols and diviners and found only vain comfort, because they were like sheep without a shepherd (v. 2). The shepherds that they had would be punished for their dereliction of duty. Instead, the LORD of hosts would visit His faithful remnant and lead them into battle (v. 3). The LORD would provide every part of His house (v. 4), and His enemies would fall before His army (v. 5). His remnant would return and be heard, because of the mercy of the LORD (v. 6). They and their children would rejoice because the LORD would redeem them, and they would increase (vv. 7-8). They were scattered among the nations, but they and their children would return until there would be no room left, because they had remembered the LORD (vv. 9-10). On the other hand, their enemies would fall, even as Egypt in the Exodus (v. 11). “‘So I will strengthen them in the LORD, and they shall walk up and down in His name,’ says the LORD” (v. 12).

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