Zechariah 7:8-14 Covenantal Cursing.

The prophet was called to preach the word of the LORD of hosts (v. 8), and it was a word of criticism for an outward religiosity that neglected obedience to the word from the heart. Their hearts were “like flint,” totally unreceptive to both the law and the former prophets (v. 12). If they were to follow the law and the prophets then they would have executed “true justice,” and would have showed “mercy and compassion” to one’s brother (v. 9). It would also mean that they would not oppress the widow, fatherless, the alien, or the poor. The opposite of the law and the prophets is to “plan evil” (v. 10 Cf. Ex. 22:22; Mic. 2:1-2). Instead, “they refused to heed, shrugged their shoulders, and stopped their ears so that they could not hear” (v. 11 Cf. Neh. 9:29; Jer. 7:28; 17:23). It is because of their hardness of heart that “the great wrath came from the LORD of hosts” (v. 12 Cf. Neh. 9:29-30; Ezek. 11:19; Dan. 9:11-12), and because they would not listen to Him, then He would not listen to them (v. 13 Cf. Prov. 1:24-28; Is. 1:15; Jer. 11:11; Mic. 3:4). This was the cause of the exile, and the land, being under a covenantal curse, became desolate (v. 14 Cf. Lev. 26:33; Dt. 4:27; 28:64; Neh. 1:8).

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