Zechariah 2:6-13 The Future Joy In Zion.

In the vision of four horns and four craftsmen (1:18-21), it was suggested that the number four might have a greater significance as referring to “the four corners of the earth” (Rev. 20:8)” Now the LORD says concerning His people that He had spread them “abroad like the four winds of heaven” (v. 6 Cf. Is. 48:20; Dt. 28:64). Now the LORD addresses them as Zion and calls them from their captivity in Babylon (v. 7 Cf. Jer. 51:6; Rev. 18:4). Then we find the Angel of the LORD again referring to the LORD of hosts, that in His mercy He would deliver them, as the apple of His eye, from those who plundered them (v. 8 Cf. 1:12 Cf. Dt. 32:10; Ps. 17:8). There would be a shaking of these nations, even as Haggai had also foretold (v. 9 Cf. Hag. 2:21-22; Is. 19:16). The ultimate goal is a covenantal one-that He would dwell in their midst (v. 10 Lev. 26:12; Is. 12:6). They would know that this Angel of the LORD had arrived, when the nations, and not just one or two from here and there, would also become His people (v. 11 Cf. 3:10; Is. 2:2-3). They would become His people under the very same conditions as Israel (Cf. Ex. 12:48-49).

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