Zechariah 2:1-5 House, City, And The Measuring Line.

There is a consistent measuring line running through these visions. It of course refers to what is employed to build a house or any engineering project aright (v. 1 Cf. 1:16; Jer. 31:39; Ezek. 40:3; 47:3). It will be found in the toolbox of any building craftsman. This is what the LORD was calling and in fact delivering His people to do. The house is His church, and the city is the world, and His word is the measuring line (v. 2 Cf. Is. 28:10; 17; Rev. 11:1). The people of God are to be about both. However, it should not go unnoticed, that the people were to begin the rebuilding project with God’s house first, and it was a statement of true covenantal faith that from God’s house His word would be declared and lived by in the city and the world. It is the light of the LORD’s Glory-Presence which is the light of the world, and the nations will stream to this light emanating from His house. The angels are about this work, and a fire of separation between His house and His enemies, both guards His own as they prosper, and consumes their enemies (vv. 3-5 Cf. Is. 26:1; 60:19; Jer. 31:27).

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