Hebrews 11:1-3 The Beginning Of The ‘Invocation Of Witnesses’.

The ‘Invocation Of Witnesses’ is the fifth section of the Covenant Renewal document that is this letter. It is the invocation of witnesses which becomes the basis or starting point of the lawsuit contained in this letter, as it begins with a ‘Call To Witnesses To Hear And Testify’. This section also begins with the promise which is the core of the Covenant Renewal document, namely that “the just shall live by faith” (10:38a). It is a faith which shows itself also in those who do His will as evidence of this faith, based on the finished work of Christ, and Christ’s ongoing sanctifying work in and through His people, God’s house (v. 1). The heroes of faith that our author will go on to enumerate, were those who could be trusted as witness bearers, for they “obtained a good testimony” (v. 2).

These heroes of the faith lived in those previous ages which the Son created, and they lived in such a way that they served Him who created them and redeemed them, with a redemption that found its ultimate fulfillment in the finished work of the Son (v. 3 Cf. 1:2). Our author wrote in the last days of the old covenant administration, and the witnesses that he calls on here, are those who were the apostates thought they were in harmony with. However, our author seeks to show that these witnesses were testifying against their rebellion. Those who have been justified by faith, also through faith give substance of the things they hope for (Cf. Rom. 8:24). The flow of salvation history, especially as we see it in the various covenantal administrations, shows that what they hoped for did come to pass.

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