Hebrews 10:1-4 The Old Covenant Administrations Were Not Complete.

A quote from the previous passage bears repeating. Commenting on 9:25, the editors of the NGSB stated the following. “The repetition of sacrifices was evidence that they were not effective to remove guilt (10:2), and it was a recurring reminder of sins (10:3). The author earlier stressed that the Day of Atonement ceremonies took place only once a year (v. 7); here the emphasis is that they are repeated again and again (10:1)” (p. 1947). This is indeed a major point which our author is making in these verses. The law was the shadow of the heavenly as pertained to these sacrifices and ceremonies.

The once for all sacrifice of the Son at the end of the old covenant ages or eras, is the fulfillment. The sinless blood of the Son was offered in the heavenly sanctuary, the very sanctuary the old covenant administration was a mere shadow of (v. 10a). The heavenly is the very image of that which is real and lasting (v. 10b). Enough has been said already in the previous passage as to the temporary nature of both the sacrifices and ceremonies, and the priestly class associated with it, not to dwell further on what is amplified here. The Son alone is perfect, His sacrifice alone was perfect, and being perfect it is also complete.

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