Genesis 25 Abraham’s Burial, And The Birthright Of Jacob And Esau.

Sarah is dead and buried, and Isaac is married off, but Abraham’s life goes on. He was astonished at the thought of he and Sarah having a child in their old age, but not only was Isaac born, but Abraham went on to remarry Keturah and had other children (vv. 1-4). However, it was Isaac who received the inheritance, and all his other offspring were sent to the east-Isaac would be the one to dwell in the promised land (vv. 5-6). When he died at 175, Abraham’s sons Isaac and Ishmael would bury him, with Sarah, in the tomb he had acquired in this land, and the son of promise, Isaac, “dwelt at Beer Lahai Roi,” meaning-the God who lives and sees (v. 11).

What follows are the respective genealogies of Ishmael (vv. 12-18), and the beginning of that of Isaac (v. 19ff.). Isaac took Rebekah as wife but she was barren, so Isaac prayed and she conceived, and the twin boys who she bore struggled with each other even while yet in the womb, and as Rebekah inquired about this of the LORD, she was told that they would become two opposing nations and people-Esau and Jacob (v. 19-26). However, Isaac and Rebekah loved these sons differently-Isaac Esau, and Rebekah Jacob (vv. 27-28). Esau was technically the firstborn, but he regarded a bowl of soup in a moment of instant gratification, of more worth than a lifelong inheritance (v. 34).

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