II John

II John: 9-13 Doctrine And Life.

The key point that John had to make was that Jesus was fully human. His being true flesh and blood means he identifies with us completely in our humanity-without sin. It is because he was and is without sin that we have redemption. The other point he emphasized was that true love means that we walk according to God’s commandments. Doctrine and life are equally important. Whoever does not abide “in the doctrine of Christ,” has neither the Father or the Son (v. 9 Cf. Jn. 7:16; 8:31; I Jn. 2:19, 23-24). So critical was this doctrine concerning Christ that he commanded the church to refuse fellowship to those claiming to be Christians, but who did not hold to this doctrine (v. 10 Cf. I Kgs. 13:11-22; Rom. 16:17; II Th. 3:6; Titus 3:10 [II Th. 3:14]). To do so is to share “in his evil deeds” (v. 11). False doctrine that is so critical is a transgression and evil. The above two points were critical to John, in this letter and in his first, but he also expressed his desire to see them face to face, and to do so with joy (v. 12 Cf. III Jn. 13-14). To that end he also sent greetings from another children of another elect sister (v. 13).

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